Friday, June 30, 2006

And so it begins...

This evening Paige and I will be going to Moreno Valley to spend the weekend at Yamato band camp. Paige will be working on music. I will be cleaning a trailer and preparing meals. Dang, it's still pretty hot.

After this weekend I should have a pretty good idea of how this will all work. Today I'm going to gather up a bunch of cleaning supplies and take them with me. I don't want to have to hunt down their cleaning supplies, if they even have any. All I saw in there the other day was a greasy rag and a ratty broom with a short handle.

I'm glad I can do this close to home and in plenty of time before the tour starts. I want to have everything in place before we hit the road.

Man, I hope they can park the trailer in the shade.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Raptor luv

There were two pairs of hawks on Mt. Rubidoux this evening who were doing that in-flight mating ritual thing. Way, way cool. They'd glide together for a while and then one would drift closer. Then they would both turn and try to grab ahold of each other. Every time they twirled around a little but they were never able to make a good connection. Except for one time. They were soaring in the updraft of hot air blowing up the side of the mountain. Then they grabbed on and went spinning up like a hawk frisbee and disappeared over the top of the rocks. It looked amazingly awesome (dude), like a multipronged boomerang made of feathers.

After a while the activity slowed down. They moved higher and held still, riding the thermal wave. I moved on down the road. Another Mt. Rubidoux treat.

Dental appointment tomorrow. Later, I'm getting an estimate on having that sofa and chair that we found in the trailer reupholstered. I've never done this before. I figure of it's under $400 it's a good deal. We'll see.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

I'm pooped!

Today I worked at the drum and bugle corps competition that was at RCC. This is part of my obligation for Paige's tuition for the Yamato tour. For most of the day I was standing around looking for something to do. There were just too many people and not enough jobs to go around. But that was at the start of the day. Later when the competition got going and people got hungry and thirsty it got crazy fast.

At first they had me working in the food booth. I was setting up drinks when someone said they needed someone to stir the chili. Ok, fine, I can stir chili. I go over to the pot and some old guy everyone calls "Grandpa" came over to give me special instructions on how to open a can, pour it in the pot and stir. He actually kind of yelled at me because I didn't use the handy tab on the top of the chili can to lift the lid. Then he had me open a big can of nacho cheese and pour it into another pot. I had to have special instructions for that, too. He said, "You have to add two ladles of water to it and stir it in!" Again, almost yelling at me, like I was stupid because he had to tell me to add the water. After I had stirred the pot for about oh, maybe ten seconds he said, "So, how's it look?" I said, "It looks like cheese with water in it." He said, "Well, you gotta keep stirring!!!" Ok, I know the whole food booth thing must be his gig. I'll bet he's been doing it for years. But Grandpa must have a touch of the ol' AD because he was acting just like Dad. So, you can probably guess that there was no way in hell that I was going to hang with Grandpa for another minute. They had too many people working in there anyway.

I took a little time out and went to find my cousin, Daniel. He teaches percussion with the Denver Blue Knights. They were just pulling in when I walked to the parking area. They were in 4 huge busses plus a couple of semis. I found him and said a quick hello and then a quick goodbye. He had a lot to do and I had to get back to the Yamato booth.

Paige sat at the will call ticket table all day. She handled the job well. When I got back a little girl came up and asked me where she could buy water. The only place we sold water was at the food booth and it had a line a mile long. I felt bad for her. It was HOT. She was discouraged and went back to the stadium. I wish she hadn't left so quickly. I was going to get her some water. I talked to the woman in charge and suggested we set up a table for water sales only. We set it up quick with a big cooler and a cardboard box for cash. I started with a case and a half of water. We sold out almost instantly. Then I had to sit there with 20 people in line all waiting in the heat for a dinky bottle of water. Then someone showed up with 2 more cases, which sold out in a flash. This old guy (one of the RCC people) told me there was no more water and the store was closed. At 6 in the evening??? He said Smart and Final was closed. I said, "Well, I'll bet RALPH'S is open!" What a dope. I was getting pretty well fed up with old people at that point.

Someone did go and get more water and ice so we were set for a while. I went back to the food booth to help take orders from people standing in line. I saw that we were running out of water again so I started telling people in line that there might not be any water when they get there. Most people were cool with that, they could buy soda or iced tea to drink. One guy started chewing me out over it. He said, "I've been waiting in line for water! Why didn't you tell me they were out?" I said, "I'm telling you now." He said, "WHY didn't you tell me BEFORE?" Jeez, who the hell am I? I moved on. The guy behind him was really nice.

Things started to calm down after that. The competition was almost over. I missed the Denver Blue Knights but I did get to see the last two groups. Paige and I stood up at the top of the bleachers and watched. Man, it was hot. Sweat was pouring down my face. The Blue Devils were the last group to perform and everyone wanted to see them. The stands were PACKED. They won, of course. After it was all over I grabbed some trash bags and started cleaning up. Since we were hosting the event it was our job to clean the stadium. It took a while for the kids to start helping but eventually they grabbed bags and started picking up trash.

After that we all went to clean up the food area. Lordy, that food trailer is FILTHY! This is the trailer I'm going to be working in for 3 weeks on tour! I asked Eddie-san, the director, if there will be an opportunity to clean and organize the trailer before we leave. He said, "Yeah, you could do it next weekend if you like." I said yes, I would. I got the feeling he had no plans to have that trailer cleaned. So, next weekend during band camp I'm going to clean that disgusting trailer. I hope this heat wave is over by then.

After we got all our stuff picked up there was a big pile of food equipment left that wasn't ours. Just as I was about to ask who it belonged to I looked up and here comes a huge motor home and GRANDPA'S DRIVING! Run away! Run away! Yes, it was time to leave.

I'm home. My feet hurt and I need a shower.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

It's the little things

I bought new underwear yesterday. Funny how a little thing like that can give you a lift. I've been putting it off because 1. I've been losing weight and 2. the underwear I really like is only sold at Walmart and I don't shop there any more. But since I'm going on this Yamato tour I really didn't want to take along my disintegrating underwear. We'll be on the road for 3 weeks with very few opportunities for doing laundry.

Happy dance! Jockey makes a style that's very similiar to the Walmart brand. AND I'm down to a single digit size. I'm going back to the store and get 3 more packs of undies. I'm set! Life is good.

Now I just need to get a new bathrobe and a couple nightgowns. And air beds for Paige and me. And a bunch of other crap. So, I guess I'm not all set.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

My song

I forgot to post my song. It kinda relates to my previous post. I don't consider myself to be a songwriter but I'm kind of proud of this one. Someday I'll perform it.


Things have gotten so bad and you're feeling so sad
You've got the blues? Hey, I'll help you lose 'em
Just come hither, dear, and sit down right here
And plant your face in my bosom!

You can have my lovin' arms and even my legs
All I ask is please, don't abuse 'em
I'll make you feel better, so come on, take a header
And plant your face in my bosom

Just park it right there on my pillowy pair
Relax, take a nap. Wow, you've got nice hair
We can sit here all day. Um, are you ok?
Do you need to come up for some air?

Ah, everybody wins with these soft, cushy twins
All you gotta do is choose 'em
I fed two babies with these, now they flap in the breeze
I DARE you to plant your face in my bosom!

A healthy woman I am (I had a recent mammogram)
I'm able and ready to give you good cheer
I'll love you like no other. Don't be shy, come to mother
I've got sweet comfort in my black lace brassiere

The charms are quite ample. Give me your hand, I'll give you a sample
They're real! No need to excuse 'em
It's great to be alive! Be a man, take a dive!
And plant your my bosom!

Mt. Rubiboobie

What a great walk I had last night! Lately I've been walking up one of the trails. It's a pretty walk and it keeps me in the shade for most of it. Just as I was reaching the top I saw a woman coming up a different trail that ends in the same place. She had the biggest, most painful looking boob job I've ever seen. These were huge, melon-shaped, antigravity boobs. They looked weird, they moved weird and looking at them made me feel afraid. I fell in behind her on the road.

As she was rounding the corner I saw a man coming in the opposite direction. After he passed her I could see his face. He looked stunned and confused. Those boobs were like those sonic blast grenades that the cops use in hostage situations. As we got closer he saw that I was smiling at him and he burst out laughing. He said, "Boy, you just see everything up here, don't you?" I continued on behind her for a while. Every time she passed a man his face would take on the same expression. Totally confused and amused but too scared to really enjoy the moment. After a while she continued to the top of the mountain and I followed the road down the hill.

Now, I don't really have anything against boob jobs. I've seen some good ones. But sheeeeit!!! Shame on the doctor that consented to that mammular trainwreck. Just because a RETARDED woman hands you a bag of cash and requests a disfiguring operation doesn't mean you have to say yes.

When I was almost at the end of my walk I glanced into one of the back yards that are all along that road. I noticed some movement but I couldn't tell what I was looking at...for a second. Holy crap, it was a family of skunks! They were about 30 feet away, two adults and four babies. They were ambling along, very low to the ground, just a squirming mass of black and white fluff. Since they were fairly far away I didn't feel threatened so I yelled, "Hey skunkies!" They immediately stopped and in a FLASH arranged themselves in a circle, noses in, butts out, tails raised! It was freakin' amazing! They held this position for about 6 seconds and then the mom decided it was better to just get the hell out of there. They ambled off into the bushes. I'm standing there, totally alone with no one to share the moment with. You know, that's happened to me several times in my life. Something exquisite happens to me and I have no witnesses, no one to talk to.

Then, BONUS! I continued on my way and was soon passed by a woman jogger who was wearing black shorts with white stripes with a black tank top and a white tank top underneath! She was attired in skunky perfection! It was the perfect capper.

Man, I love Mt. Rubidoux.

Monday, June 19, 2006

A great practice

Today the TV's Kyle band had a very productive practice. Fun, too. My fingers hurt!

So far we have 14 songs that we're working on.

Arica- A musical pep talk for a friend who was down.
Babaganoush- Not about Babaganoush.
Beaverduck- Part beaver, part duck.
Bennendann- Instrumental. Good for kicking off the show.
Bob From Accounting- About one of Kyle's highschool teachers.
Bump- "Where is the car in the parking lot?"
Dizzy Spells- Can a pill cure love's dizzy spells?
Joe's Java Jungle Cafe- Getting mellow with a cup of Joe
Let Me Crazy- Pickin' up chicks in the boba shop
Lindsay Is Totally Centered- Written for Lindsay's birthday last year. I do believe he was courting her with this one.
Rated G Life- No, I don't think so.
Tri-State Area- Touring the countryside and crashing his Vespa
Why Not?- The answer to "why?"
You're My Pal (And I Like You)- Happy and evil.

Arica, LIndsay Is Totally Centered, Rated G Life, Why Not?, and You're My Pal are pretty much performance-ready. This is fun. Every time we practice I feel more secure about our ability to do a good show. I'm really looking forward to the day when we get to practice with Ben (drummer from L.A.) Gotta work out some kinks first.

Speaking of working out the kinks, I'd better get myself up Rubidoux. It's been a few days...

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Who's blog is this, anyway?

My husband, my walking buddy and my daughter's boyfriend require fresh posts. It's just that nothing interesting has happened lately. So, I'll blog about boring stuff and try to make it sound interesting.

Dad was visiting the Leeces last week in SLO. Jono graduated from highschool (congrats, Jono!). Today I drove up to Ventura to pick him up. Ventura is about halfway between here and SLO. David was driving him down. I got there a little early and took a quick detour to a yard sale. I bought a bookcase for Kyle for $5. Score! Add that to the $1 file cabinet I got for him from another yard sale. Kyle's room needs organizing and these two pieces will help a lot.

It was nice getting a week's break from dealing with Dad. Thanks, Dede and David! Jim and I got the rest of our stuff out of Dad's downstairs. We're slowly getting things moved into the trailer. Right now the studio is blasted. Things await sorting. We're getting rid of lots of stuff.

(Warning! I am about to talk about "female trouble") Ugh! I didn't have any hot flashes for a couple months but now I'm getting several per day. Big drag. Fortunately, they don't last long. Dang! I've heard that this BS can drag on for 10 years. As I'm sitting here I keep switching the AC on and off. I just can't reach a comfortable temperature.

Father's Day. I'm going to church with Dad. He played the guilt card. He's being pissy about it, too. The service doesn't start until 9 but he wants to get there at 7:30 to make sure we get a seat. I told him I don't think we need to get there an hour and a half before church starts and he said, "Fine! I'll get a ride with someone and save a seat for you." Yeah, I wonder who's going to be willing to give him a ride that early. I told him I'll go to church but I'm not hanging around for Sunday school. I'm not looking forward to being paraded around like I'm some kind of trophy. He'll be like, "Look! I got a kid! It's Father's Day and I got a kid!"

I know I should be more generous about this. Church is a big deal for him. Out of five kids, only two are practicing Christians and they both live out of town. If he shows up at church alone on Father's Day it will look pretty bad. I don't know what Stacey and Drew are doing and I don't know if he asked them to go. Probably not. But what I do know is him dragging me there is just for show. Really, I'd much rather take him out for breakfast.

Paige has Yamato practice. Kyle will be here in the afternoon. We gonna practice.

But first I have to clean this studio!

Monday, June 05, 2006

A summer of music and hard work

Holy cow!

Paige is going on this drum corps tour and I'm going with her. I'm going along as general support staff. I'll be driving a 12 passenger van, cooking and cleaning in the food trailer, running errands and generally being on hand for whatever generally might come up. The tour is 3 weeks long but there will also be some weekends and a week-long band camp where I'll be needed to help out.

Hoo-boy! It's gonna be interesting. Good for me, I think. And great for Paige. There's an American group and a Japanese group that will combine and then tour together. There are 2 professional chefs who are going along so I won't be doing much actual cooking, just cutting up a lot vegetables. Big relief there! I think we'll be eating a lot of Japanese food. Big bummer, eh?

Paige looooves this group! She says the attitude is much better, much more mature than in Ramona's band. The music is more challenging. These people are there to work, not screw around.

When I'm not working with the drum corps I'll be working hard on Kyle's music. We had a great practice last night! Very productive. I think we all feel encouraged that we'll be able to do a good show with our pared-down group. I'm getting better on ukulele. Totally digging that.

Rats! Blogger is having trouble. More later...