Monday, October 25, 2004


I haven't been here in a while. I'll catch things up.

Halloween- We have two entries for the decorating contest. TWO! Well, I guess this one made a big splash, eh? Oh well, 2 people will get some nice prizes and we'll all still have a lot of fun.

Dean is coming to visit! Yee-haw, she'll be here Thursday! I have needed this. This will be the first Halloween we've spent together since the first year I knew her (33 years ago?)and I went over to her house and hung out while she handed out candy and accidently set her hair on fire. She was trying to be all witchy and scary by holding a candle close in front of her face and WOOP her hair got too close to the flame. It was a wet-your-pants laugh moment.

She'll be here for the election. I've been waiting for this election for 4 years, as have so many of us. It's been 4 years of political agony. The last 4 months have been really bad. I'm glad she'll be here for it. Tonight my friend, Jeff, told me he might know of a party we can go to that night. Whatever the outcome, it would be great to be with like-minded people on election eve.

I'm planning to get majorly effed up that night. Can someone drive me home?

Saturday, October 09, 2004

Sad day

Jim's cousin, Tim, died this morning after having a series of strokes. He was just about the most likeable guy you could ever meet. I think he was somewhere around 60 years old, WAY too young. We're feeling pretty bad for the family, especially June, Jim's aunt and Tim's mom. This is the third son she's lost, as well as her husband.

Boy, you hear about something like this and all you want to do is make it not be true.

'Bye, Tim. I wish I could'ave gotten one more hug.

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Well, that was kind of cool.

We took all the Halloween stuff and set up a quickie display in the front yard. We set up the witch in her chair and a table with all her potions and bones and stuff right next to her. Laurie, the reporter, came while we were setting up. We kind of pounced on her. She had this leeetle notebook to write things in and I think we pretty much filled it up. We showed her the studio and talked about what's new and hot in Halloween gear. Actually, that's what she wanted to talk about. That's what her assignment is. We kinda went off in a different direction. We were showing her the things we've made and our special effects and costumes. But hey, she enjoyed that, too.

Later went to the Spirit store and I showed her the new, hot stuff. It was a pleasant afternoon and I enjoyed talking with her. She may be changing the focus of her story to include the things we've done. She has to ask her editor. The story is planned for Oct.23rd. She said she might get a photographer out here tomorrow. I think she'd really like to do a story about us but she's kind of bound by what her editor wants. She said she couldn't make us any promises.

But that would be cool, eh? It would create more interest in the Merrill contest and maybe give Rancho Curioso a boost.

So, now the Halloween stuff is out!!! Sheeeit, we sure do have a lot of stuff.


Got an interesting phone call this morning. First, some background.

Jim and I are sponsoring a Halloween decorating contest on Merrill avenue. Since we live up here on Dad's farm there's no reason to decorate for Halloween because we don't get trick-or-treaters. Last year we decorated our friend's (Kevin and Mary) house on Merrill. This year we thought it would be fun to get more participation by having Rancho Curioso (our company) sponsor a contest. We've got some pretty good prizes. We distributed flyers along Merrill last week but haven't gotten any calls on it yet.

This morning a woman from the newspaper called and said she'd heard about the contest and wanted to talk to us about it. I thought that was pretty funny. We've had no calls from anyone wanting to enter but I got a call from the paper from someone wanting an interview? Anyway...

So, she's coming over this afternoon to check out our stuff. That means we have to get up in the loft this morning and get it all down. I'm going to set up a quickie display for her to photograph. Later I'm taking her to the Spirit store.

Pretty cool, eh? So now we're cleaning house. Jim's off to get a hair cut and when he gets back we'll haul it all out.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

It's October

So, one reason we decided to start this blog was to share some of our Halloween ideas. When we get all our Halloween stuff out I'll take some photos and post them here. I'll also give step-by-step instructions for making these props and costumes.

We've been doing this Halloween thing for about 17 years now. We decorate more than most people but there are some folks who do a LOT more than us. I'll post their websites as well. I like to encourage people to decorate for Halloween. The neighborhood I grew up in was great for trick-or-treating. The neighbors were into it and a lot of people decorated. My parents always did something that was pretty fun. I'll post that stuff here, too.

Usually around August I'll start shopping at the thrift stores for stuff. Actually, I'm keeping my eyes open for props and costumes all year round. I've put together several costumes that looked fabulous and cost less than $50. I don't have sewing skills but the beauty of thrift store clothes is someone has already done most of the sewing for me and they're really cheap. I don't feel uncomfortable taking a pair of scissors to a garment I only paid a couple bucks for.

More to come...

Second post

Ok, that first one was just a test. Hubby Jim set this thing up for me and now I've got to learn how to use it. I'll be posting some really good stuff later. Yep. Really good stuff. But for now I have to get off the computer and go meet Paige's new friend.

First Post

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