Friday, October 16, 2009

Stuff I d-did.

It's been a while. I did things.
My house used to look like this.Now it kind of looks like this. It's a bit more tidied up and as of this evening there's steer manure all over the lawn. I have mostly a clear canvas.

A few weeks ago I hired Timio and his crew to do some major clearing. Four trees were removed and almost all the bushes in the front yard. It was amazing. There were four chainsaws, a blower, a stump grinder, and a gigantic chipper running almost constantly all day long. I'm sure the entire neighborhood were wondering what the hell was going on over here. Big loud. I went back to check on the bunnies and found both of the scrunched at the back of their little house. I brought them inside. Poor bunnies.

They were here for the whole day. It all got done. When they were through they had a big trailer full of my chipped up yard debris. The sides of the trailer were made of expanded metal mesh so you could see all the different layers of vegetation. It looked like a giant green and brown lasagna. The back of the big truck was filled with the logs from my big acacia tree. The whole thing was riddled with termites, and every time Timio chopped into one, thousands of bugs and grubs spilled out. The inside of the trunk was mostly hollow. Disaster averted.

It was quite a shock to see such a big change in the front of my house so quickly. I'm getting used to it now. I decided to try to get the lawn looking good again and leave it that way until I'm ready to start the big,big project of completely redoing my front yard. Today I made a trip to Home Depot (don't shop there. They're corporate scum) (but they're closer to my house than Lowe's) and bought some new hoses, sprinklers, mulch and steer manure. Tonight I spread the whole front yard with merde de la vache. Tres aromatique.

Excuse my french.

Last weekend my new friend, Tracey, and I went up to Northern California for the Wine Country Ukulele Festival. Tracey was fighting off the tail end of a bad cold and was pretty out of it on the way up. Fortunately, she quickly got better and was able to enjoy the weekend. We stayed with Lorraine the first night. It was the first time I'd seen her new place. Very Lorraine. Old house, garden, space for ALL of her animals. Her stuff looked good in that house.

The next morning Tracey and I had breakfast at this cool little diner in Petaluma. After that we shopped. Jeez-o-pete, Petaluma has nice shops. Then we went back to Lorraine's for some visiting. Got caught up. Then Tracey and I headed out to Napa. Mary told us that Jon was working for this Italian family circus that night (sounds weird but it's true) and would we like to go? Hay-ell yes! These guys (warning- website with sound). The Zoppe Family Circus. Oh man, I haven't laughed that hard in ages. They were so good.

Ok, I need a break. I'll write about the uke festival later. And my gum surgery.