Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Blogging from work

No big news, I'm just goofing off.

Work continues to be a complete waste of time. Sorry, taxpayers. We're all pretty sure the grant won't be renewed, so this job will end the middle of December. I've updated my resume and I'm going to go down to Kaiser to drop it off and take the typing test. I've been told that I have a pretty decent chance of getting a job there. We'll see.

I'm creeping along with the work on my house. I have the big bathroom cabinet all cleaned out and ready for demo. I might start that on Friday. It's my birthday this weekend so I won't get very much work done. Woo-hoo, we're goin' to Joe's! Anyway, I want to get the cabinet ripped out so the plumber can come and work his magic. After work today I'm going to the (newly discovered by me) Habitat for Humanity Restore store. It's their salvage place. I'm hoping to find a pantry cabinet that will work well in that bathroom. If I can find something there it will be more than awesome. I can't afford something nice right now.

Even if I can't find a replacement cabinet right away it won't be so bad. That space used to be a closet, so the interior is already nicely finished. All I would need to do is put in some shelves and put up a curtain and it wouldn't look bad. I could continue with fixing up the bathroom without feeling like I was dealing with a gaping hole. Realizing that has given me the courage to dive right in with a crowbar and hammer.

Ok, enough goofing off.