Saturday, March 05, 2011

Catching up

Let's see...

I'm taking English 1A this semester. I don't like it. Oh well.

I had a job interview the other day at Moreno Valley College. I feel good about this one. I did really well. I should be hearing back from them around the 15th. The position is Enrollment Assistant. If I get it I'll be helping students enroll for college. It's part-time, but the pay is much better than it was at DSPS and I'll get more hours. No benefits, but I'd be making about twice as much as I did at that last job. It might just be enough. Anyway, it would be another good chunk of experience to add to the resume and if a better position becomes available in Admissions, I'd be a frontrunner.

Bill started running an open mike at Back to the Grind a few weeks ago. It's really taking off. We've got some good regulars (and some lame ones). Ours goes from 7 to 9pm on Tuesday nights. Then a couple doors down at Worthington's they have an open mike that starts at 10. Jessica said that Tuesdays have really gotten busy there since the BttG open mike started. I must tell Bill that he's boosted business at Worthington's.

Dean came for a visit a couple weeks ago. It's the first time she's been out since Jim's death. She'd never seen my new house. It was a good visit. She came out on the train. I think I might do that next time I go to Texas. She gave me a great idea for my bathroom project. Instead of putting a cabinet in I'm going to have that space plumbed for a stackable washer/dryer. The front bathroom will be the laundry room. Then I'll turn that kitchen space into a pantry. And IF I get that MoVal job I'll have the money to do it!

I've been working in the back yard a lot lately. I had Hector here a few weeks ago cleaning out the junk and trimming everything and fixing the sprinklers. I want to get that yard back in shape. I redid the brick border going around the citrus trees and rabbit cage. It should now do a better job of containing water for the trees. I'm working on leveling the ground so I can more easily mow back there. Once I'm satisfied with it I'll throw some grass seed around. When I get another chunk of cash I'll have Hector install some automatic irrigation on the slope above the retaining wall. Then I'll cover that space with lantana. I'll also plant some fruit trees, shrubs and flowers. Gonna have a pretty yard someday.

I'm so glad I reconnected with Hector. It's great to have a handyman I can trust.

Emotionally I'm feeling pretty good these days. Still unemployed, but feeling hopeful. I think leaving that awful DSPS job has improved my outlook. I've made some new friends. I feel happy and more confident. But I've got to get back to working on my physical well-being. Exercise, bitch! And once I'm working again I want to see about getting into the dating scene. Yep. That idea isn't quite so foreign to me anymore.

Tra-la-la! Spring is here, pretty much anyway. I bought some fabric for bedroom curtains. Gonna paint some rooms. I'm making a BIG pile of garage sale items. That will happen sometime in May. I also want to get rid of Jim's keyboards and sound equipment. It's time.

Yep. Good stuff on the horizon.